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At the heart of sustainable development is the simple idea of ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for future generations. Achieving social, business, economic and environmental objectives at the same time, with less pollution and more efficient use of our natural resources.

The construction industry has a huge contribution to make to our quality of life and the economic, social and environmental benefits which can flow from more efficient and sustainable construction practices are immense. Managing and reducing the environmental impact of construction can be accomplished through our reduction of materials, minimizing waste, using recycled material, and energy efficiency is good for our clients and our business.

Sauer Holdings Group of Companies is committed to providing a better environment for our future generations of Clients, Suppliers, Citizens and Employees. As the economy and population expand, Sauer Holdings faces a challenge to meet the demands of new and renovated facilities that are productive, efficient and healthy while minimizing the impact on our environment.

In our markets, our clients, along with our people, maintain a focus on sustainable design and construction, alternative energy, re-use/recycling and conservation of natural resources.

The companies of Sauer Holdings has the resources and people to meet our commitment of being a sustainable company. Our participation in many energy conservation, energy system efficiency upgrades, and our participation in renewable energy projects such as landfill methane recovery, coal waste re-power and waste to energy provides a testament to our long term commitment to being a sustainable group of companies.

Our over-all objective is to minimize the impact on our natural resources, enhance energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, conservation and human benefits while focused on our client’s needs and objectives during the construction project process.